About Us Sleep better, live better.

Our mission is to help you develop habits and routines that improve your sleep. This will make you better, healthier, faster and more creative.

Sleepkick was founded by us, three friends, Tom, Sam and Armand, for three simple reasons.

We’ve always shared ways of improving our health and productivity with each other and we’re particularly passionate about sleep. We like building and making things, hence the website and we like shouting about the things we know will really help people. Hello Sleepkick.

At Sleepkick we believe all of us should be getting the best sleep we can be getting. We know about the risks and effects of poor sleep and the huge benefits of good sleep. We know most people aren’t getting the sleep they need and are unaware that they are operating well below their potential. We also know it’s not easy to simply sleep better and for longer. We know from experience it takes thought, planning and time. We also know its worth it.

Together we each learned about the importance of sleep in our own way. Sam came to realise the importance of sleep whilst balancing work and a part-time PhD, Armand while training for a triathlon and Tom while launching his first business. We each needed to be performing at our best and by reading and researching, making mistakes and testing and trialling a range of changes we each arrived at sleep. Sleep makes the most significant single difference to your health, energy and productivity.

And how do you sleep better? By developing habits and routines that get your mind and body in the best possible state to sleep. Your mind and body, primed with hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, will do the rest. You were designed to sleep. Let Sleepkick help unlock that. Sleep better, live better.